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Become an approved provider of training and personal development activity for EnterprisingYou clients.


The Growth Company would like to procure a large number of providers to assist in the delivery of EnterprisingYou.

Greater Manchester has been chosen to run this programme as a pilot, which could later be rolled out throughout the UK. It was commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) with funding from the Department for Education (DfE).

EnterprisingYou is designed to support Greater Manchester residents aged 18 years or older who are self-employed, running their own business or working in the gig economy; this includes people who receive work from a company or an agency but are registered as self-employed and responsible to pay their own taxes.   The programme is focussed on supporting clients whose income is low or unstable, with a total annual personal income less than £27,000 gross. 

The programme offers clients 26 weeks of fully-funded support, tailored to their needs and includes access to a Business Coach as well as the potential to include personal financial support, health and wellbeing support, careers information, advice and guidance, access to co-working space, mentoring as well as training and personal development activities. 

This procurement is to identify a broad range of providers who can deliver the training and personal development element of the programme. Activity within this element can deliver vocational skills, skills to support the running of the business or develop personal effectiveness, health or wellbeing. Delivery can be consultative, group or digital and be bespoke to EnterprisingYou or available to wider markets.  All activities must demonstrate how they will help the client make their businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable, boost skills, increase income or help casual workers find alternative routes and roles which offer greater stability. 

In current circumstances, we are particularly keen to source activities that can be delivered remotely.

The activity must not be ‘license to practice’ and must not be available to the client group through other sources of government funding.

We particularly want to engage with a large number of organisations in order to offer an extensive range of training and personal development activities to meet the diverse needs of everyone we hope to help. All clients already receive excellent specialist support delivered by our team, including 1-1 business coaching, personal financial support, peer mentoring, career development advise and access to a wellbeing advisor, so we are not looking for a replication of that.  We are however looking to include specific skills training such as Excel, Web Design, Photography, First Aid and Bid Writing but also practical skills training in areas such as Health & Beauty, Construction etc.  Other client requests we may need to meet related to specialised business areas, such as Freight Forwarding, Animal Boarding and Yoga so we’d like to hear from providers who can supply in those areas.

This is just a very small example of the Training & Development a self-employed person may need to access – please do get in touch even if your provision is outside of these examples.


Pre-tender Information Session

If you are considering to become a partner for the EnterprisingYou Training and Personal Development activity, please do consider joining our Pre-tender Information Session where you can learn more about the programme, get an overview of the procurement process, understand the sort of activity we are looking for and ask any questions you may have.

To register your interest in attending one of these sessions, please email to info@enterprising-you.co.uk and we will send the call details. The sessions will be conducted with Microsoft Teams and here are the dates of the upcoming sessions: 

  • Tuesday 6th July (10:30am–11:30am)
  • Tuesday 3rd August (10:30am–11:30am)
  • Tuesday 7th September (10:30am–11:30am)
If you would like to be part of this exciting project, please follow the link to the procurement section of The Growth Company website.