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Are you passionate about a new business idea? Apprehensive about starting out on your own? Are you ready to start a business?

EnterprisingYou is here to support you every step of the way on your start-up journey!

Our EnterprisingYou Starting Your Business workshops are the perfect place to begin. These workshops provide you with the fundamental steps and practical knowledge and skills that will equip you to successfully launch your business with confidence. Plus, we'll demystify all that confusing business jargon you often hear. You'll be well-prepared and ready to take on your entrepreneurial adventure!

Entrepreneurial mindset & marketing

We'll explore whether self-employment is the right path for you, ensuring you make an informed decision. The workshop looks at mindset and marketing, helping you identify your target customers and devising strategies to reach them. 

Introduction to planning and finance

The workshop dives into the financial side of things, covering legal aspects, funding sources, cashflow (where appropriate we will provide templates for your use) and pricing strategies to ensure your business is profitable.


We offer a hybrid learning experience designed to suit your preferences. Our engaging workshops are available online for convenience and those with more time to spare for training. We also provide shorter, in-person learning workshops. These are held in each Greater Manchester borough, ensuring you'll find a venue near you. This not only allows for valuable training but also provides the opportunity to meet and network with fellow budding entrepreneurs in your local area.

Start Your Business Workshops

Start Your Business workshops run throughout the year. Each month there are five in-person workshops held alternately in North and South Greater Manchester. There are also four online workshops held each month available to the Greater Manchester community.

Below is a list of the dates and locations for the next two months. All workshops run from 9.30am - 12.30pm unless otherwise stated.

To enquire about any of these workshops, please complete the short form to the right and a friendly member of the team will be in touch.



Tuesday 18 June | Entrepreneurial Mindset & Marketing

Wednesday 19 June | Introduction to Planning and Finance




Monday 8 July | Leigh

Tuesday 9 July | Oldham

Wednesday 10 July | Bolton

Wednesday 11 July | Bury

Friday 12 July | Rochdale



Tuesday 2 July | Entrepreneurial Mindset & Marketing

Wednesday 3 July  | Introduction to Planning and Finance

Tuesday 16 July | Entrepreneurial Mindset & Marketing

Wednesday 17 July | Introduction to Planning and Finance

What our clients say

The course today was very helpful and insightful. I went in not sure what to expect but was made to feel welcome and involved. As someone who suffers from disability and anxiety, I can honestly say that this is the calmest experience with new people I have had in MANY years.

C Rooney

After attending the recent workshop, I have acquired substantial insights and knowledge pertinent to start-ups, which I believe will be instrumental in the progression of my entrepreneurial journey. The workshop meticulously highlighted potential challenges and emphasized the best practices in navigating the start-up landscape.

R Gogireddy

Starting up your own business can be a daunting task - but the two workshops I attended really helped me get motivated and start putting my plans into action.