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Whilst being self-employed has a host of advantages, such as flexible hours and greater control over your own work, it can also sometimes feel lonely and stressful. In one study, 64% of freelancers said their job made them feel lonely on a daily basis, with 62% saying they felt stressed as a result of work.

When you are your ‘own boss’, you are also your own employee, it can often be difficult to juggle a healthy home and work balance. With the added responsibility making it difficult to escape financial and personal worries, and that’s without taking into account a global pandemic. That’s why it is so important to take that extra effort to check in with yourself and look after your wellbeing. Ask yourself, have you been making self-care a priority lately? Not only should you add this to your to-do list because a happier mind equals a more productive workday, but you really do deserve it.

At EnterprisingYou, we are passionate about ensuring our clients have the tools to live a happy and healthy life, which is why we’ve teamed up with Health Assured to offer support not seen anywhere else in the UK. This partnership delivers a variety of resources to help with any personal health and wellbeing issues or difficulties you may experience whilst on the programme.

Health Assured is a unique online platform, offering free and confidential assessments, referrals, follow-up services and short-term counselling on a variety of topics. From help with issues like mental health, bereavement and relationships to financial and legal advice, you will be entitled to six sessions per year, per problem, with a qualified and experienced counsellor, as well as having access to a variety of online resources, all completely free of charge.

EnterprisingYou clients and client family members* can make use of this fantastic service via the EnterprisingYou online portal, mobile app, or 24-hour helpline.

'Right from the first call they took my issues into account and never treated me any less important than anyone else… I felt much better after each session and cannot fault anything they did with me’

EnterprisingYou provides fully-funded support to the self-employed and gig economy workers of Greater Manchester to improve their health and wellbeing. To access this kind of support and a variety of free government-funded support offerings, not seen anywhere else in the UK, get in touch with the EnterprisingYou team for a diagnostic and eligibility check onto the programme by calling us on 0161 667 6900 or email to info@enterprising-you.co.uk

*partners, dependants between the ages of 16-24 years of age in full time education and living at the same address as the employee, and anyone who has left or retired from the business, can have access to Health Assured for up until 3 months after leaving the Enterprising You programme.


About the author

Michael Ayre

Michael Ayre

Engagement Officer at the Growth Company

With an eclectic mix of experience including recruitment, employment support and over 5 years working within the prison service, Michael believes in the strength of communities and collaboration to ensure that everyone at all levels can achieve their aspirations. Michael is a keen runner and has a natural appetite for success, not just for himself but also for the people, businesses and communities around him.