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At EnterprisingYou, we are proud to support local businesses and we recently caught up with Samantha Williamson, owner of Hands on Fitness based in Bolton to find out more about the business, Samantha’s EnterprisingYou journey and the plans for the future.


Hi Samantha, tell me more about you and Hands on Fitness?

Where to start! Well, after forging a successful career in retail as National Manager for a major UK retailer, I decided 3 years ago to leave it all behind and start a new adventure and as an ex-professional fighter, started my own business called Hand on Fitness as a Personal Trainer.


That sounds really interesting, so what makes a good Personal Trainer?

I pride myself on my straight-talking approach and the feedback I get from my clients tells me they prefer this approach too. Being honest with people means we know where we stand which means you become more than a PT, you become a physician, councillor, dietitian, motivator and best friend. Its not just a business it’s a way of life and a passion.


How has the pandemic effected your business?

I was worried moving from face to face classes to Zoom, but the group I work with have took to Zoom very well and the transition was seamless. It’s also meant I can increase the number of sessions I deliver, and after 3 months since I went virtual, I have managed triple my earnings.


A lot of your clients will be local, how important is local custom for you?

It is really important, without the support from people near me I wouldn’t have a business and for me, it’s a real privilege to help people reach their goals, meet new people and see our community grow.


What tips do you have for people wanting to attract more local custom?

Word of mouth is vital, and pricing is key, know your audience and take pride in your reputation. I have a good reputation and I don’t mind saying that because I’ve worked hard for it. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not just a PT, I’m a physician, councillor, dietitian and best mate!


How did you hear about EnterprisingYou?

I was chatting in the gym with someone who knew about EnterprisingYou and I have to admit, at first I was sceptical, not because I wouldn’t benefit from the support, but because the support on offer almost seemed too good to be true. I looked up the programme and did some research and I’m pleased I did.


What support have you received from the EnterprisingYou team?

I came onto the programme the week of lockdown and under the circumstances the timing couldn’t have been better. Rebecca, my Business Coach is fantastic, I can’t speak highly enough about the support she’s given me. Having the support from someone who advocates what you do, and rubber stamps your ideas and decisions from a place of experience makes all the difference. I’ve also worked with Shahin the Finance Specialist and opened a business account and I’m also planning on accessing social media training through EnterprisingYou which I’m looking forward to.


What’s next for you and Hands on Fitness?

My plan is to open my own studio, I’ve found a venue and I’m hopefully planning a Halloween themed opening in October, because why not?! When I found a venue, the first person I called was Rebecca, I couldn’t wait to tell her the news!


Congratulations! You will have to keep us posted on what happens, and what about you personally?

I’ve recently been nominated for Therapist of the Year, Inspirational Women in Business of the Year, Personal Trainer of the Year and Upcoming Business of the Year, so onwards and upwards from here. I would also like to franchise the business in the future, my values are at the heart of any decision I make, so that might need more thought!


Can you imagine going back to mainstream employment?

Absolutely not, I love what I do and I’m passionate about the people I help.


Would you recommend EnterprisingYou to other businesses?

Would I recommend it, hands down YES! Just speaking to someone who validates you, your ambitions and understands your journey has been incredible and nothing is forced or patronising, it’s very bespoke to me and my business and I can’t recommend EnterprisingYou highly enough.


If you’d like to find out more about Hands on Fitness you can click on links or use the contact details below.

Instagram: @fitnesshandson


EnterprisingYou provide fully funded support to the self-employed and gig economy workers across Greater Manchester, including expert Health and Wellbeing support. If you would like to find out more about EnterprisingYou, register online, email or call 0161 667 6900 to speak to one of our business coaches. 

More information about the EnterprisingYou programme can be found here

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