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Since the dawn of the Covid-19 crisis, most of us have lived reactively and impulsively almost day to day, our decisions based on daily updates from the Government or following the latest health advice. Despite Government efforts to provide a measure of shielding, the economy, and therefore jobs, have been affected by the global pandemic with the impact of Covid-19 being felt at every level of our personal and professional lives.

Over time, there is going to be much rebuilding work to be done by us all and with so many uncertainties as a business owner, is it too early to start thinking about what things will be like when we start the recovery process and how can standing still be productive?

For most business owners, standing still can be incredibly frustrating and during this extra-ordinary time, we have all made some unavoidable decisions that are for the good of our health and not necessarily for the good of the business. Productivity is all about perspective and having the chance to step back, evaluate, change, adapt and plan like never before can be an invaluable use of time. For example, over the past couple of weeks, Zoom has emerged as the most downloaded app in the IOS app store, demonstrating that people all over the world are working smart and thinking creatively to ensure we can still successfully communicate and run our businesses from home.

With Easter coming up, most of us would usually be planning a short break but if the experts are correct, it’s pretty unlikely that will be happening right? So, this is a chance to let your creativity come to life and let it take you in directions you never thought possible. Think about your product, branding and marketing, your work-life balance and your hopes for the future. Begin to map out what steps you need to take to make these plans a tangible reality. Whether you decide to imbed your business into your local community or move your entire operation online, opening up your business to the rest of the world, this is a time to recapture and rediscover what defines you and your business and what will make customers and clients call on you in 2020 and beyond.

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Michael Ayre

Michael Ayre

Engagement Officer at the Growth Company

With an eclectic mix of experience including recruitment, employment support and over 5 years working within the prison service, Michael believes in the strength of communities and collaboration to ensure that everyone at all levels can achieve their aspirations. Michael is a keen runner and has a natural appetite for success, not just for himself but also for the people, businesses and communities around him.